It is basically all the things we love in one place. Gelato, Pizza and slow cooked wings.

Searching for the perfect Gelato…..”

This all started out with one man’s passion to find the perfect ice cream. Going right to the roots of how it all began…..Gelato. His skill set now knows no bounds when it comes to ice confection.  It began when he could recognise his addiction to ice cream and of course preferred gelato. So armed with his DeLonghi il Gelatio II with it’s whopping 700ml double barrel, set off on his journey, one of which he and his family would heavily indulge on. Check out our menu for The Wing Division also.

The main hurdle to get through was to bring the calories down. As common knowledge as it is, ice cream is high in calories and other things that are not great for the body. With personal health a major factor in our lives this was not taken lightly. So the main goal was to be able to eat ice cream or gelato ALL day without blowing out the calorie intake. So if you are looking for the best gelato, best ice cream in Newcastle….come give us a go.

To get the perfect mouth feel, taste and temperature. By knowing what temperature to serve the product at allowed for serious changes to be made. All of our gelato is from our own unique recipes and formulas to create this low calorie product.

We cater at any given time to the dairy, egg, gluten and nut allergy crowd. As we believe in ice creamism. That everyone should be able to eat ice cream no matter what. Challenges for flavours and combinations are not just accepted but welcomed as we are boasting over 300 flavours (some one stopped counting at 170)…………. At any given time we have 14 flavours on display, which we rotate regularly. Usually when a flavour runs out we replace it with another. Very rarely you will see the same combination twice.

Although we are primarily gluten free, we had no idea there was such a need for it. Please ask us in store what your options are for gluten free (pretty much everything) to see what gluten free coeliac food we have available. As we cater with slow cooked wings and pizza too (check out our ever changing menu on The Wing Division page). We have all the main food groups under one roof.

With the growth and further passion for food we cook and make the things we love in the hopes that you love it too.

We are located at 286 Maitland Road Mayfield NSW 2304 (in the BP complex).

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